Native Mobile App for Video Capture


Rapid advances in mobile-device cameras have given rise to an array of exciting new possibilities for extending classrooms into the field.


The ShareStream Native Video Capture App taps into the power of smart phones and tablets to record video and audio to provide educational institutions and enterprises with an intuitive personal-capture solution for mobile teaching and learning. Users “on-the- go” can now create and share media content with ease.



Instructors, administrators and students (if granted the required privileges) can utilize the app to:


icon-1 record and capture video from mobile devices icon-2 tag content with metadata icon-3 upload recordings to the course folders in the ShareStream Platform for which the user has privileges


Use Cases for Mobile Video Capture and Content Creation


The ShareStream Native Video Capture App is an ideal solution for a wide variety of uses cases, including:



Video Assignments

Students are able to utilize the app to easily create responses to video assignments, and then submit video assignments to instructors for assessment.

Flipped Classroom

Instructors are able to engage students prior to class by publishing videos created using the app to Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and other learning environments.

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

Students can demonstrate mastery of a skill or knowledge of a concept by recording and capturing a video using the app, and then submitting the recording to an instructor for review.

Active Learning

Students are able to take a more participatory role in the learning process by creating media content and sharing it with instructors and peers for collaboration.

Lecture Capture

The ShareStream Mobile App complements traditional lecture-capture appliances and products for automated room capture with an easy-to- use solution for personal capture. Instructors are able to create content from mobile devices anytime/anywhere in a few simple steps.



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