ShareStream Introduces Analytics Dashboards for Media Content at EDUCAUSE 2015

Oct. 26, 2015


The ShareStream Video Platform’s Analytics APIs and Dashboards Assist Higher Education in Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes




INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—ShareStream unveiled today at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference a series of analytics dashboards and reporting APIs that provide institutions of higher education with an easy-to-use solution for analyzing data on the use of video and audio assets for education and campus communications. The analytics dashboards enable ShareStream clients to monitor and interact with media-usage data at a university system level; at an individual institution level; at a library, department or program level; and at a single course level, as well as at an individual learner level. ShareStream’s new analytics functionality is included for no additional fee in all ShareStream Video Platform licenses.


“We greatly appreciate the input that ShareStream clients have provided us in the development of the ShareStream Platform’s new video and audio analytics, a technology that assists educators in realizing the vast potential of streaming media to enrich the student learning experience,” stated David Weinstein, ShareStream’s CEO.


The use of streaming media and other forms of digital media content for education has skyrocketed, driven largely by the emergence of flipped classrooms and MOOCs as well as the growth of blended and fully online programs for remote learners. As the adoption by higher education of video and audio streaming reaches critical mass, educational institutions are seeking to better understand the massive amounts of data generated for media utilization in order to make better, faster data-driven decisions.


ShareStream’s analytics dashboards and APIs provide an intuitive solution for accessing real-time reports on media content delivered via the ShareStream Video Platform. Key features and functionality include:


Interactive Data Visualization: ShareStream’s analytics dashboards provide data visualizations, including time-series graphs, bar graphs, and pie charts. Users with the required privileges can easily customize and interact with data visualizations and drill down into particular segments of the visualizations in order to better understand the use of video and audio content on campus and from other locations.


APIs for Integration with Learning Analytics Platforms: ShareStream’s REST APIs for reporting and analytics enable third-party learning analytics platforms and data warehouse solutions to query and retrieve data generated in the ShareStream Platform in real-time.


Sortable Data Tables: In addition to data visualizations, ShareStream’s analytics include easy-to-use data tables, which can be sorted or filtered by various criteria or exported to a CSV for offline analysis.


ShareStream’s analytics dashboards benefit administrators, educators, librarians, students and technologists alike. For example, the dashboards enable:


  • Instructors to glean valuable insights on student engagement for course media content by viewing drop-off reports for content
  • Educators, administrators and instructional technologists to track analytics related to the use of instructional media to improve students’ learning outcomes
  • Librarians to generate usage reports for specific subject-matter collections or custom reports based on an asset’s or a collection’s metadata to help inform content-acquisition decisions
  • IT team members to view pie charts and bar graphs in order to better understand the devices and operating systems from which users are accessing campus media
  • Communications and marketing departments to easily access adoption reports to gauge the effectiveness of media delivered to prospective students, alumni or the public at large.




ShareStream will demonstrate its analytics dashboard at EDUCAUSE 2015 this week in Indianapolis at booths 2216/2218, as well as during a free, live webinar on Thursday, November 12th. Click here to register for the webinar.


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ShareStream is a leader in online video and media management solutions for education. The ShareStream Video Platform fulfills rising demand from educational institutions for integrating video hosting and streaming media services into instructional technology, the library, distance learning, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and campus communications. ShareStream’s technology was developed in collaboration with Georgetown University, and is now widely deployed around the world.

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