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The ShareStream Platform is a turnkey media-management system — complete with digital rights management (DRM) and access control — for uploading, transcoding, storing, managing and streaming media. ShareStream’s Media Development Platform provides REST APIs for all video platform functions, which enable education technology companies, publishers of education content and content aggregators to:

White-label the ShareStream Platform
OEM the ShareStream Platform within an ecosystem of digital learning solutions
Roll out a digital content repository for a collection for a particular discipline or subject area

Assets-16Leverage the ShareStream Platform to Lead the Transition from Traditional Print Course Content to Digital Learning Resources

With academic institutions and schools investing more and more resources into “going digital,” the race is on in the education publishing space to provide educators with digital delivery solutions for course content. ShareStream’s technology enables companies in the education industry to efficiently capitalize on the shift from print to digital learning materials. Education companies can leverage ShareStream’s media-management system and APIs to provide modern, user-friendly and accessible video solutions for learning.

ShareStream provides an all-in-one solution for education publishers’ requirements to:


(1) batch ingest large content collections in an automated fashion



(2) catalog digital resources with standards-based metadata



(3) secure and control access to content via digital rights management



(4) deliver media globally to learners with wide-ranging levels of Internet connectivity



(5) integrate with an academic institution’s Learning Management System (LMS), as well as with an institution’s authentication services and/or single sign-on (SSO) solution



(6) track and analyze media-usage data utilizing ShareStream’s analytics dashboards

ShareStream’s REST APIs and Developer Portal

ShareStream’s APIs enable product teams to enhance learning applications through the use of state-of-the-art streaming-media services. Utilizing ShareStream’s APIs, engineers are able to extend digital platforms with ShareStream features, including content ingestion and massive-scale media transcoding, global content delivery and advanced video analytics.