Zoom + ShareStream

Automate Uploading of Zoom Meetings
to ShareStream


Do More with Your Meeting Recordings

Whether Zoom is being used for lectures, webinars, online meetings, or virtual classrooms, ShareStream’s integration with Zoom allows organizations to take advantage of Zoom recordings in new and powerful ways. Among other benefits, implementation of ShareStream’s Zoom app enables organizations to:

ccScale captioning and transcription of media content organization-wide.

collaborationFoster collaboration and engage users with an interactive video-learning application.

integrationIntegrate an easy-to-use video solution with Learning Management Systems.


Simplify Video-Communication Workflows for End-Users

ShareStream’s Zoom app eliminates manual steps for end-users and streamlines media-capture workflows. Zoom meeting recordings are automatically uploaded to ShareStream, where the recordings are made available for on-demand playback.

Centrally Store and Manage Zoom Recordings

ShareStream’s integration with Zoom enables organizations to retain Zoom recordings in the same system as media assets from other sources, thereby consolidating silos of media content. Users with the required permissions can search for, secure, publish and track usage of Zoom recordings stored in ShareStream just as they can for other types of media content stored in the system.

Implement an All-In-One Solution for Video Conferencing & Media Management

ShareStream’s Zoom integration enables organizations to roll out a unified web-conferencing and video-platform solution. From ShareStream’s Capture Scheduler application, authorized users can create, edit, delete, start, share and join Zoom meetings with ease, as well as select the destination in ShareStream where a Zoom cloud recording will be published after it concludes.

And So Much More…

Learning Management System Integration
ShareStream and its Zoom app are fully integrated with Learning Management Systems, including Blackboard Learn, Canvas by Instructure, Moodle, and Sakai.
Automatic Ingestion of Zoom Chat Messages
ShareStream’s Zoom integration automatically sends a Zoom meeting’s chat file to ShareStream along with the meeting recording and transcript.
Integration with Zoom’s LTI Pro App
Zoom meetings created using LTI Pro are automatically published to the desired course folder in ShareStream (just as they are when created using ShareStream’s Capture Scheduler application).
Retention of Zoom Audio Transcripts
Transcripts of Zoom meetings are automatically uploaded to ShareStream. Alternately, ShareStream’s captioning service can generate captions and transcripts for Zoom recordings.

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