The ShareStream Video Tool for the Sakai® LMS

Video streaming and other forms of online learning resources—including audio, images, podcasts, lecture capture files—have become an integral component of instructors’ and students’ eLearning experience.


ShareStream’s Video Tool for the Sakai® LMS enables educational institutions to extend Sakai with an easy-to-use, YouTube-like solution for instructional media.


Faculty, staff and students (if granted the required privileges) can utilize ShareStream’s solution for instructional media to:


  • easily upload and transcode video and audio files
  • create clips
  • tag content with metadata
  • search across and browse instructional-media collections for the courses in which they are enrolled
  • access online learning resources through streaming media to desktop computers and mobile devices or (if permitted) through podcasts and RSS feeds.

Integration points between ShareStream’s Online Video Platform and Sakai include:


Sakai Tool Integration with the ShareStream Pick-n-Play® Application:
ShareStream’s Pick-n-Play application provides faculty and students with an intuitive and user-friendly video solution for teaching and learning, available seamlessly within the Sakai Learning Management System. The Pick-n-Play application includes ShareStream’s Media Dropbox for student-generated content.


Sakai Tool Integration with ShareStream MediaManager:
MediaManager provides instructional technologists, media-services staff and system administrators with a turnkey solution for campus-wide video content management, complete with digital rights management (DRM); streamlined media ingestion; collection management; metadata and cataloging; media publishing features; reporting and analytics; and more.


ShareStream Video Integration with the Rich Text Editor in Sakai:
Instructors and administrators are able to search for, browse and add the ShareStream media assets they have privileges for to Sakai course pages directly from the Rich Text WYSIWIG HTML Editor in the Sakai CLE. ShareStream’s integration with the Rich Text Editor in Sakai allows users with the required privileges to add media and metadata stored in ShareStream to all of the locations in Sakai where the Rich Text HTML Editor is available, including:


  • Announcements
  • Messages
  • Forums
  • and from other features in the Sakai CLE.


Integration of ShareStream’s Functionality for Student-Generated Content with Sakai’s Assignment and Gradebook Features:
Instructors are able to utilize ShareStream’s media capabilities to create video assignments in Sakai, and students are able easily upload and submit video assignments to instructors for assessment. ShareStream student-media submissions made through the Sakai assignment tool populate directly within the Sakai Gradebook.


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