ShareStream Announces Development of API for Third-party Integration

December 14, 2009 01:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time


GAITHERSBURG, Md.--ShareStream, a leading provider of rich media-management and delivery platforms for higher education, announced this week that it has developed a web service API and software development kit (SDK) for third-party integration. The API will allow ShareStream’s customers and system integrators to independently integrate ShareStream’s platform with other mission-critical systems, such as learning management systems (LMSs), document management systems, and digital preservation repositories.


Development of its web service API furthers ShareStream’s mission of fully integrating its platform with educational institutions’ scholarly systems to ensure that rich media stored in ShareStream is seamlessly accessible in a secure and controlled manner wherever online teaching and learning, and research take place. This announcement follows ShareStream’s longstanding interoperability with learning management systems, including Blackboard, Sakai, and eCollege, as well as ShareStream’s integration with authentication services, and single sign-on technologies.


ShareStream is a rich media-management and delivery platform that allows educational institutions to store and manage all of their licensed and institutionally-generated rich media content (video, audio, lectures, podcasts, images, etc.) in a centralized system, and seamlessly deliver content globally through streaming, downloads, and podcasts into a variety of learning management systems running across university networks, while controlling content dissemination via higher-education-specific digital rights management (DRM). “Through the experience of working with our customers, ShareStream has learned that no two educational institutions are exactly alike in their objectives and integration needs for our technology platform,” stated David Weinstein, CEO of ShareStream. “ShareStream’s open API will provide our clients and partners with significantly enhanced flexibility in how this exciting emerging technology for education is leveraged to accomplish our clients’ and partners’ goals.”


Implementation of ShareStream’s technology platform, a turnkey solution for educational institutions’ rich media needs, allows educational institutions to better serve students by providing anytime/anywhere access to rich-media coursework and other university-related media; providing faculty and staff with an easy-to-use mechanism for digitizing and uploading media and creating clips that can be assigned to courses in Blackboard and other LMSs; and consolidating multiple “silos” or rich media content into an enterprise-class system to achieve economies of scale.


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