ShareStream Announces Interoperability with Xythos Platform

July 12, 2011 07:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time


LAS VEGAS–ShareStream’s Connector for Blackboard’s Xythos Platform Provides Xythos Users with ShareStream’s State-of-the-Art Rich Media Solution Available Seamlessly Within the Xythos Environment.


ShareStream, developer of the pioneering ShareStream Rich Media Platform for education and media-based communications, announced this week the availability of the ShareStream Connector for Xythos Enterprise Document Manager and Digital Locker. Xythos is the backend technology powering the content management capabilities of the Blackboard Learn™ solution, which is used at thousands of educational institutions worldwide.


The ShareStream Rich Media Platform—a turnkey system for creating, editing, storing, managing, and delivering multimedia in a secure and auditable environment worldwide—enables Xythos customers to extend their Xythos implementations with cutting-edge media capabilities.


“ShareStream’s Connector for Xythos enables two complementary solutions—a document management system and an online video platform—to function as a unified system, which will provide significant improvements in convenience and efficiency for ShareStream and Xythos’s respective customers,” stated David Weinstein, ShareStream’s CEO.


“The growth of rich media has caused institutions and users to face the challenge of silos of information between Document Management systems like Xythos and rich media solutions like ShareStream. The ShareStream integration with Xythos overcomes this challenge. The integration allows users to have a unified view of their content and combines the document management and collaboration capabilities of Xythos, with the Rich Media capabilities of ShareStream. This cohesive view will be an enormous advantage to the institutions and users who manage and utilize this content,” said Mike Straus, Blackboard Senior Product Manager.


Some of ShareStream’s features and functionality include:


  • Automated digitization, uploading and transcoding of media
  • Online video-editing and clip-creation capability
  • Reliable and scalable streaming server that supports cross-format delivery
  • Video content management system optimized for storing and managing large multimedia files
  • Media preservation through ShareStream’s encoding methodology
  • Collection management and cataloging of assets with metadata
  • Metadata-driven advanced search
  • Media Dropbox for easily unloading content and Personal Media Gallery for viewing and sharing user-generated content
  • Mashup Tool for easily adding media to course or web pages
  • Cross-protocol, copy-protected streaming and media delivery to mobile devices
  • Multiple media-publishing tools, including podcasts and vodcasts into iTunes, RSS feeds, embedded thumbnails, and secure hyperlinks for media in both an authenticated and open environment
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) that controls access to content, manages intellectual-property rights and secures media during delivery
  • Extensions for all of the predominant Learning Management Systems (LMSs), such as Blackboard Learn™, and integration with authentication and authorization services and single sign-on solutions
  • Reporting and analytics tool that monitors and audits all user and content access.

ShareStream’s Connector for Blackboard’s Xythos platform, which leverages ShareStream’s open web service API for third-party integration, allows organizations to take advantage of the ShareStream Rich Media Platform directly within the familiar context of the Xythos environment.


ShareStream’s Connector for Xythos follows ShareStream’s longstanding interoperability with other Blackboard products, including ShareStream’s Rich Media Blackboard Building Block™, which interoperates with the Blackboard Learn™ solution.


Some of the key integration points for the connector include:


      • Single sign-on (SSO) and Integrated Permissions Management: SSO with role-mapping and authentication and authorization between Xythos and the ShareStream Rich Media Platform. Thus, when a user logs into the Xythos environment and accesses ShareStream media collections, ShareStream’s SSO capability ensures that the user is only able to access the media for which they have privileges, and only able to perform the functions associated with their role in Xythos.
      • Search and Display Functionality: The ShareStream Connector for Xythos enables the Xythos search tool to search across the ShareStream collections and assets for which a particular user has privileges, and display results for rich media content accompanied with metadata directly from the Xythos User Interface.
      • Browse and Play Capability: Xythos users are able to browse ShareStream collections for which they have privileges and play media assets from the Xythos environment, just as users are able to browse files and directories in Xythos.

About ShareStream:


ShareStream provides secure, enterprise-wide rich-media management platforms and online video solutions designed specifically for the unique need of educational institutions. The ShareStream Rich Media Platform, developed in collaboration with higher education at Georgetown University, provides educational institutions with the technological tools specific to their workflow to allow them to operate as state-of-the-art educational media organizations to achieve the maximum benefit from their content, on campus and beyond. For more information, please visit




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