Closed Captioning and Transcription Service

Captioning in Video
Closed Captioning and Transcription
Scale Captioning Institution-Wide with ShareStream
ShareStream’s closed-captioning and transcription service, which was launched in collaboration with Tulane University, provides a scalable, reliable and affordable solution for captioning the rapidly expanding media collections of universities and colleges.
Simplify Captioning Workflows
ShareStream’s captioning service simplifies the workflow for captioning media content and is seamlessly integrated with the ShareStream Video Platform.
In one simple step, users are able to upload, transcode and generate closed captioning for media files from the ShareStream Uploader, as well as from the ShareStream window that is accessed from Learning Management Systems’ HTML Editors. When captions are generated, the service also generates a transcript.
Captioning media from the ShareStream Uploader
Generating captions from ShareStream’s media player
For video and audio content that has been previously ingested into ShareStream, thecaptioning service provides authorized users the ability to generate captions and transcripts directly from Pick-n-Play, ShareStream’s application that powers video-based learning and integrates seamlessly with Learning Management Systems.


The ShareStream Platform also provides the capability to easily upload local caption files for media assets.
Accelerate the Turnaround Time for Closed Captioning and Transcription
ShareStream’s captioning service leverages state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to generate captions and transcripts rapidly. The turnaround time for captioning is typically less than 1¼ of the duration of a video or audio asset.


So, for example, users can expect that captioning for a one-hour video will be available less than an hour and fifteen minutes from the time the captions were requested.
Additional Captioning and Transcription Capabilities
Unlimited Machine‑Generated Captions

ShareStream licenses include unlimited machine‑generated captions for no additional fee.

Easy‑to‑Use Caption Management

Authorized users are able to download, edit and add captions and transcripts with ease.

Captioning and Transcription for Audio‑Only Content

The captions service generates captions and transcripts for audio‑only content, not just for videos.

Batch Captioning

While uploading a batch of files from the ShareStream Uploader, authorized users are able to generate captions for all files in a batch or select specific files in the batch for captioning.

Integrations with Human Captioning Services

ShareStream’s integrations with third‑party captioning services— including CaptionSync by Automatic Sync Technologies and — complement ShareStream’s service for machine‑generated captions, providing academic institutions with a variety of options for generating captions from within ShareStream.

Automatic Extraction of Captions From Media Files with Preexisting Captions

If a media file contains captions in its metadata, ShareStream’s captioning service will extract the embedded captions from the file and notify users thatthe extracted captions are available.