The ShareStream Video Platform provides schools, school districts and state-level Departments of Education with a turnkey media-management system for uploading, transcoding, editing, storing, managing and delivering media worldwide via streaming, downloads and podcasts, complete with digital rights management (DRM).

The ShareStream Platform includes Pick-n-Play®, an intuitive YouTube-like video solution for instructional media available seamlessly within Learning Management Systems (LMSs), Digital Learning Environments and Education Technology Platforms. Pick-n-Play also provides a standalone media portal that can be easily branded per a school’s web identity for course-related or non-course-related media, such as parent and community outreach, administrative meetings and sporting events. Pick-n-Play complements MediaManager, the ShareStream Online Video Platform’s primary administrative application, which provides superintendents, teachers and instructional technologists with a full-featured media-management solution for video and audio collections.


Extend Digital Learning Platforms with an Easy-To-Use YouTube-like “Hub” for Class Media

The ShareStream Platform provides seamless integration with all of the major LMSs and education technology platforms, including Blackboard Learn™, Brightspace® by D2L®, Instructure by Canvas®, Moodle® and Sakai®.

Teachers, staff and students (if granted the required privileges) utilize the ShareStream Video Platform’s LMS extensions to:

  • easily upload and transcode video and audio files
  • create clips
  • tag content with metadata
  • search across and browse instructional-media collections for the courses in which they are enrolled
  • access media assets through streaming to desktop computers and mobile devices or (if permitted) through podcasts and RSS feeds.

Embrace Innovative Teaching Models and Better Serve Non-Traditional Students

Implementation of the ShareStream Platform enables schools and districts to adopt flipped classrooms, where access to streaming media plays an integral role in student learning; it also enhances teaching and learning at fully online or blended schools, where reliable access to high-quality online videos, lecture-capture presentations and mobile media holds vast educational potential for remote students who are not in physical classrooms.

Enhance Professional Development Across School Districts and States

By levering the power of streaming media to educate geographically dispersed users, ShareStream’s Online Video Platform enables school districts to further standardize and streamline teacher training. Implementation of ShareStream’s easy-to-use media portal for professional development and learning enables administrators to efficiently prepare teachers for successful adoption of Common Core State Standards.

Provide Teachers with the Tools Required to Maximize Student Engagement

Mobile media and online video is the norm for digital natives, not a novelty. The ShareStream Platform allows school districts to enhance student engagement by educating digital natives through one of the mediums with which they are most accustomed—streamed media.

Improve Communications with Parents and Community Engagement by Rolling Out a Branded Media Portal

The ShareStream Platform includes Public Pick-n-Play, a standalone media portal that can be easily branded with a school or school district’s logo, colors and web identity.   Public Pick-n-Play is ideal for streaming media to parents or to the community at large. Site administrators can easily create Channels dedicated to parent outreach, superintendent or principal addresses, sports teams and board-of-education meetings.

Additionally, the ShareStream Platform provides multiple tools for publishing media stored in ShareStream to the content management systems (CMSs) that power school’s public web presences. Key media publishing features include:

  • Video Players with Playlists
  • Embedding Thumbnails
  • Hypertext Media Links
  • RSS Feeds
  • Podcasts into iTunes™

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