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Video for Education Made Easy

In the age of YouTube™ and iTunes®, faculty, students and other end-users seek an easy-to-use and interactive rich-media experience for their educational institution’s content. The expectations are growing for instructional media—which has rapidly become a key component of online learning—as well as for non-course-related media, such as campus news, visiting speakers, virtual campus tours, and sporting events.

YouTube™ Meets Ed Tech in Pick-n-Play™, an intuitive and user-friendly video solution for education for nontechnical end-users.

Utilizing Pick-n-Play, faculty, staff and students (if granted the required privileges) are able to easily upload video; create clips; tag content with metadata; submit content to fellow student or instructors for collaboration; and search, browse and play the rich-media assets they have permission for via ShareStream’s easy-to-use video streaming software.

Pick-n-Play complements MediaManager and MediaMigrator, the core administrative components of the ShareStream Rich Media Platform, to provide educational institutions and organizations with a comprehensive media platform for both nontechnical users and media specialists.

Pick and Play Legal Pick n Play™

Key features:

  • ShareStream’s Media Dropbox—the New Hot App for Student-Generated Content:
    ShareStream’s Media Dropbox allows students to submit media to instructors for assessment and commentary, or to fellow students enrolled in the course for collaboration.
  • Drag-and-Drop Upload
    for nontechnical users with no media expertise that allows authorized users to upload media, which is then automatically compressed and transcoded to the appropriate formats
  • “My Workspace” Media Page, a personal media gallery and repository
    for faculty, and if assigned the required privileges, students and administrators
  • Features for Collaboration and Interactivity, including Personal Playlists and a Discussion Forum with Time-Based Commenting, which facilitates an online conversation among students and faculty around media
  • Secure, Copy-Protected Media Delivery through Steamed Video, Audio and Streaming to Mobile Devices
  • Automatic Bandwidth-Detection and Adaptive Streaming Functionality
    for media delivery to users with wide ranges of Internet connectivity
  • Podcasts into iTunes™ and RSS Feeds in Both an Authenticated and Open Environment
  • Publishing Tools, including Embedded Thumbnails and Media Hyperlinks
    in both authenticated and open environment
  • End-User Meta-Tagging (as well as more extensive metadata, including the major metadata standards for administrative users)
  • Robust Digital Rights Management
    that allows institutions to control access to content and secure media during delivery, as well as manage digital media licenses
  • Media Extensions for All of the Major LMSs:
    Pick-n-Play includes extensions for the predominant LMSs, including ANGEL®, all of the releases of Blackboard Learn™, Instructure Canvas®, Moodle® and Sakai®. ShareStream’s Media Extensions for LMSs provide both API-level integration with LMSs, and single sign-on complete with role-mapping between the LMS and the ShareStream Rich Media Platform.