Video for Education Made Easy

YouTube™ Meets Ed Tech in Pick-n-Play®, an intuitive and user-friendly video solution for education for end-users.


In the age of YouTube™ and iTunes®, faculty, students and other end-users seek an easy-to-use and interactive rich-media experience for their educational institution’s content. The expectations are growing for instructional media—which has rapidly become a key component of online learning—as well as for non-course-related media, such as campus news, visiting speakers, virtual campus tours, and sporting events.


Utilizing Pick-n-Play, faculty, staff and students (if granted the required privileges) are able to easily upload video; create clips; tag content with metadata; submit content to fellow student or instructors for collaboration; and search, browse and play the rich-media assets they have permission for via ShareStream’s easy-to-use video streaming software.


Pick-n-Play complements MediaManager and MediaMigrator, the core administrative components of the ShareStream Rich Media Platform, to provide educational institutions and organizations with a comprehensive media platform for both end-users and media specialists.

Key Features

Course Media Copy Wizard, which guides instructors through copying course media collections from prior courses to new courses in a few simple steps

ShareStream’s Media Dropbox—the New Hot App for Student-Generated Content:  ShareStream’s Media Dropbox allows students to submit media to instructors for assessment and commentary, or to fellow students enrolled in the course for collaboration.

Robust Digital Rights Management  that allows institutions to control access to content and secure media during delivery, as well as manage digital media licenses

End-User Meta-Tagging (as well as more extensive metadata, including the major metadata standards for administrative users)

Drag-and-Drop Upload for end-users with no media expertise that allows authorized users to upload media, which is then automatically compressed and transcoded to the appropriate formats

Automatic Bandwidth-Detection and Adaptive Streaming Functionality  for media delivery to users with wide ranges of Internet connectivity

Secure, Copy-Protected Media Delivery through streamed video, audio and streaming to mobile devices

“My Workspace” Media Page,  a personal media gallery and repository for faculty, and if assigned the required privileges, students and administrators

Podcasts into iTunes™ and RSS Feeds in Both Authenticated and Open Environments

Publishing Tools, including Embedded Thumbnails and Media Hyperlinks  in both authenticated and open environments

Media Extensions for All of the Major LMSs: Pick-n-Play® includes extensions for the predominant LMSs, including ANGEL®, all of the releases of Blackboard Learn™, Brightspace® by D2L®, Canvas® by Instructure®, Moodle® and Sakai®. ShareStream’s Media Extensions for LMSs provide both API-level integration with LMSs, and single sign-on complete with role-mapping between the LMS and the ShareStream Rich Media Platform.

Features for Collaboration and Interactivity including Personal Playlists and a Discussion Forum with Time-Based Commenting, which facilitate an online conversation among students and faculty around media