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Leveraging the Power of Media in Instructional Technology: ShareStream’s Video Extensions for Learning Management Systems

The rich media revolution in education is here, and with its arrival, incorporating video into instructional-technology systems has become a hot topic on campuses around the world.

To fulfill the rising demand for media services for teaching and learning—for licensed video and audio that requires digital rights management, faculty-generated media, and student-generated content—educational institutions face the challenge of implementing an easy-to-use, scalable and secure strategy for instructional media.

Rather than conceived as a stand-alone system, ShareStream’s Online Video Platform for Education was designed to seamlessly interoperate with learning management systems and other key instructional-technology applications, thereby ensuring that rich media is readily available in a secure, controlled environment wherever online teaching and learning, research and communications take place.

The ShareStream Media Platform includes ShareStream’s Video Extensions for Learning Management Systems (LMSs), which allow educational institutions to enhance all of the major learning management systems with an easy-to-use, interactive video solution for uploading, tagging, browsing, clipping, playing and searching for media seamlessly within the LMS environment. ShareStream provides Video Extensions for all of the major LMSs, including ANGEL®, all of the releases of Blackboard Learn™, Instructure Canvas®, Moodle® and Sakai®. ShareStream’s Video Extensions provide both API-level integration with LMSs, as well as single sign-on complete with role mapping between the LMS and ShareStream.

In addition to other functionality, ShareStream’s Learning Management System Extensions allow faculty, staff and students (if granted the required privileges) to:

  • Easily upload, compress and transcode video
  • Perform online video editing and clip trimming
  • Tag content with metadata
  • Submit video assignments for assessment
  • Search and browse course media collections for the courses in which they are enrolled
  • Deliver rich media securely via a robust and scalable video streaming server.

ShareStream’s interoperability with learning management systems provides the following integration points:

LMS integration with Pick-n-Play, the faculty and student-facing application of the ShareStream Video Platform—
Pick-n-Play provides nontechnical end-users with an easy-to-use video application for uploading, tagging, browsing, playing and searching for media.  Pick-n-Play, which is available directly from learning management systems, includes ShareStream’s Media Dropbox for User-Generated Content and the “My Workspace” Media Page, a personal media gallery and video repository for faculty and, if assigned the required privileges, for students and administrators.

LMS integration with MediaManager and MediaMigrator, the core administrative components of the ShareStream Media Platform— MediaManager, ShareStream’s video content management system (CMS) for administrative users, and MediaMigrator, an application that automates batch video uploads for media specialists and provides automated server-side transcoding, are both seamlessly accessible from learning management systems.

ShareStream’s Video Publishing and Mashup Tools for Learning Management Systems—ShareStream’s Video Publishing and Mashup Tool, which leverages ShareStream’s open web service API, provides faculty with an easy-to-use tool for searching for, browsing and adding ShareStream media to LMS course pages directly from the LMS’s native interface.

Key Features

  • PnP main 1024x602 Teaching and Learning
    “Pick and Play” Course Media Page that provides faculty and students with a single hub for course media, and a sleek and intuitive web destination for playing, browsing, and searching for the media for which they have privileges directly within your institution’s learning management system.
  • Interoperability with Learning Management Systems through ShareStream’s Blackboard Building Block™ and integration point with ANGEL®, Instructure Canvas®, Moodle® and Sakai®
  • Easy Ingest for faculty members and students with no rich media expertise that allows authorized users to upload media, which is then automatically transcoded to the appropriate end formats
  • Digitize, Transcode, and Batch Migrate large multimedia collections in an automated fashion
  • Edit media through ShareStream’s online video-editing tool, which provides time-based editing, clip trimming, overlays, and other capabilities
  • Workflow and Business Process Management for staging the process of publishing media that includes compliance reviews and approvals
  • Store and manage media collections in an enterprise-wide asset management system optimized for large rich media files
  • Personal Media Gallery and Media Dropbox for submitting student generated content or sharing content with other students enrolled in the course
  • Preserve valuable content through ShareStream’s encoding methodology, which creates eMaster files to ensure that assets can be converted to future standard formats
  • Search and efficiently browse for and identify relevant learning objects via metadata-driven advanced search
  • Higher Education-specific Digital Rights Management that allows institutions to secure and control access to content, as well as manage digital media licenses
  • Deliver Media through On-demand Streaming, Live Streaming, and Streaming to Mobile Devices
  • Automatic Bandwidth-Detection and Adaptive Streaming Functionality for media delivery to users with wide ranges of Internet connectivity
  • Deep Embed Thumbnails to multiple locations, including websites, applications, and even emails, in a secure, password-protected manner or in an open environment, through ShareStream’s deep-embedding functionality
  • Podcasts into iTunes and RSS feeds in both an authenticated and open environment
  • Create educational videos synchronized with slides and tablet activity with ShareStream’s Course Producer module
  • Open API for Independent Third-Party Integration
  • Integration with Authentication and Authorization Services and Single Sign-on Solutions
  • Reporting tool that audits and monitors user and content accesses.