Batch Media Ingestion and Streamlined Transcoding

Prior to implementing the ShareStream Rich Media Platform, ShareStream customers typically store large preexisting digital media collections in various locations and in various formats.


MediaMigrator—the component of the ShareStream Video Platform that provides automated media upload and server-side transcoding—allows ShareStream customers to ingest entire media collections (or individual assets) in a batch manner into the ShareStream environment and streamline the process of transcoding media to all of the most commonly used media formats.


For media professionals or librarians who manage large preexisting media collections, MediaMigrator automates the process of migrating media accompanied by its metadata into the ShareStream environment, ingesting content with a low level of effort for the user, after which the application transcodes media collections to the appropriate end formats (files for streaming, podcasts, mobile, etc.).


For end-users, such as faculty and students, MediaMigrator provides easy-to-use “YouTube”-style upload, whereby users with the necessary credentials can upload files from any of the commonly used media formats, after which MediaMigrator will automatically transcode the file to the appropriate end format.

Key Features

Upload  that supports unlimited file size for uploads (similar capability to the “Advanced Upload” feature in YouTube™)

Batch Ingestion  of media files and automatic metadata extraction

Progress Bar  that provides real-time progress information on all uploads and transcoding jobs

Functionality for Cataloging Assets  with the Appropriate Metadata as well Ad-hoc Tagging

“Hot Folder”  functionality that initiates a particular workflow for media files, such as transcoding files to prespecified formats and publishing files to a prespecified collection

Personal Media Gallery,  which serves as a gateway into ShareStream where authorized users can edit media, enter metadata, and transcode files to the predominant end formats before fully publishing the content into a ShareStream collection

Comprehensive Support  for the predominant media formats as both input and output formats

“Current Jobs” and Notification Dashboard,  which allows users to monitor progress and receive progress notifications for batch media ingestion

Workflow and Business Process Management  for staging the process of ingesting media with approvals and edits from multiple groups or individuals before publishing media to end users